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  • Sandra Walters - Hello there,
    I’ve just heard about your website on the news and came to check it out myself. You are an inspiration to all women out there! That’s what I think after I look through your website.
    I’m a 38-year-old Hodgkin’s Lymphoma & breast cancer survivor myself. I had lymphoma when I was 25 and breast cancer at 35. Even though my cancer was found very early, I did decide for a double mastectomy plus reconstruction to be totally done with cancer because I wanted to have a child. I’m happy to tell you that I was pregnant the very next year after breast cancer (2008). I have the most handsome, happy, lady-killer little boy in the world Yes, there’s life after BC and a happy life too. Thanks for your work. I’d love to participate in the project and will send an e-mail to the address above later tonight because I have to leave now.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Natalie Curry - I just simply adore this web site and strongly believe in the power of this project! Keep up the excellent work!

  • Alice Thompson - Hurray for your website! I Fought Like A Girl too. I’m 67 years old, a 12-year breast cancer survivor, and am currently saving my money for a small “pink ribbon” tatoo for my breast.

  • Mary Lou Poteet - I have just returned from a get together of survivors & suporters.
    Ann & Angie were there. These two young women are fantastic.
    I was intervied by Angie along with my daughter (a survivor also) & we had our photos taken by Ann. Both of these womer were very profesional. Our hostes was a lovely young woman & surporter. Her Mom is the survivor.
    I would encourage anyone to invite Ann & Angie for a session. On hand was a hair dresser & a makeup artist. We all lookes SOOO beautiful.
    Thank you Ann & Angie for all you do.
    Your new friend, Mary Lou

  • Betsy Winn - Ann and Angie are on a plane leaving us Florida girls. They came to us and did our photos and interviews and shared our lives. This is such a beautiful project and I thank you both so much for coming here. To all our girls in Florida, we rock!

    Love to you both and thank you so much.


    PS We need to find a way to get them back to Florida!

  • Cathie Lord Rulli - Hi–just happened upon your wonderful site!!!! My sister and my cousin were just diagnosed with breast cancer and are in the beginning stages of diagnosis to determine treatment. Two of my aunts died years ago of metastasized breast cancer. I myself am an ovarian cancer survivor (4 and a half years out!!!! yea!!!) Would love to get them shirts… please send me some info—thanks so much! Your picture gallery is awesome!!! Hope to hear from you soon, Cathie Rulli, NJ

  • Kathy Lovejoy - My sister lives outside Ft. Worth. I would love to meet you the next time I am in TX. Photographs bear the soul. This is the FIRST website during the horrible initial 18 months of the breast cancer journey that has uplifted my spirits. Thank you so very much.

  • Aquilla Graves - Beautiful gallery of photos . Very inspirational messages . I am a breast cancer survivor and can relate to all of those quotes.
    Hooray ladies for your courage and encouragement ! Thank you Ann and
    Angie for your vision .

  • Toyce Fanniel - Just received this link from Acquilla Graves. I saw myself in the faces of every woman and could totally relate to each of the very inspriring quotes. Thanks for a format for survivors to be encouraged. I pray that you will be blessed so you can continue to bless others.

  • Nancy Pendleton - You ladies are awesome. We never know when telling our stories if it might be the event that will push someone else to take the first step. I consider myself the poster child for early detection. Without the timing of my mammogram and its findings, my outcome could have been very different. If telling my story saves one woman from having to endure something worse than a best case scenario, then my disease served a purpose!

    Keep up the good work and get the stories in front of as many women as possible.

  • Sandra Vadas - I love going back to this and looking at the pictures from the shoot. It empowers me to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT as I conquer this cancer yet again. I Keep my own pictures from that day on my refridgerator to remind how strong I am and how many women are fight just like me. Thank you so much for coming to florida and doing this shoot. If you are ever in the area again please look me up. I would love to help with the next group of women you use. Sandy Vadas

  • Kathy Lovejoy - I absolutely LOVE this project! It is so encouraging. My sister lives in the DFW area and I wish I had known about it when I was in treatment. But as is turns out, one of her friends, who was a ‘prayer warrior’ for me, is pictured in this project. The world is small, and the world of cancer smaller. These women ooze courage! Thank you for empowering us all.

  • Maggie - Amazing Webpage, Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  • Sandra Vadas - Hi Ladies its Sandie Vadas claendar girl of two years ago, just finished my second fight with breast cancer in December 2011 and started a support group here in Martin county florida. I have to say…sadly we have an entire group of beautiful women who could benefit from a FIGHT LIKE A GIRL photo shoot opportunity. Please reach out to me if your going to be in the area of Martin county florida again. Miss you powerful women. GO PINK and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

  • Rachelle - Appreciate it for sharing this terrific website.