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On discovering meaning in her illness… “Even the day I got the diagnosis, I was never sad. For me, my faith justView full post »


On not giving in… “I told my doctor, ‘I’m fine. I know it’s cancer. I just need to know where do I go, who do IView full post »


On interpreting her feelings… “In the back of my mind, I just kept thinking, ‘It’s nothing. I know this is nothing.’View full post »


On gifts that came during hard times… “I lost my hair and that was the most difficult part. And my family would askView full post »


On the whirlwind of diagnosis and treatment… “The doctor said, ‘We have a problem. But it’s fixable.’ And from thatView full post »


On the gift of friends… “I have an enormous group of women friends. I have always found strength throughView full post »


On the struggle… “When they did the biopsy, something hit me, that was like, okay.. ‘This could be for real.’ I didView full post »


On being positive… “My deal was to be positive. My family was scared because it was Stage III and I was the firstView full post »


On the first moments… “It was totally shocking. I don’t have any breast cancer in my family. I was the first one. InView full post »


On taking one day at a time… “I have a strong faith. From the moment, I prayed that whatever happened, that God wouldView full post »


On finding your way back from diagnosis… “You’ve got to find a way to get yourself out of the hole. Anyone who’sView full post »


On her instinct to fight … “No matter what the statistics said…It was just a Stage IV & that could be terminal. IView full post »


On getting help … “About a year after my diagnosis, I had depression. I had never had depression in my life. I didn’tView full post »


On support groups … “Being around survivors and the support. Lots of support. When you get involved in survivorshipView full post »


On taking care of herself… “I forgave myself. It was time to step back and heal. I learned to say no to thingsView full post »


On preparing for what she was facing … “I really didn’t think about it. It was something that was happening andView full post »


Note: Michelle has a unique situation and has been featured on I Fight Like a Girl twice, first as a BRCA positiveView full post »


On sharing her story … “I think sharing my story on Care Page was such a freeing, liberating way to get things out. View full post »


On paying it forward… “I remember when I was waiting for the results, and I thought, you know, if I have breastView full post »


  On waiting… “The worst part was waiting for the test.  I always tell people that that’s the worst part ever – theView full post »


On faith and love… “It’s not my fight. It’s the Lord’s fight. I have to lay it down sometimes more than once a day. View full post »


On personal growth… “I had a lot more going on in my life than just cancer, so it was just another piece of the pie,View full post »


On being diagnosed at a young age… “Things, no matter how bleak it may look right now, because that’s what IView full post »


On accepting the diagnosis… “Before I went in, I did what everybody did. I bought books; Dr. Love’s book.  I printedView full post »


On living a full life…   “I don’t really care what my body looks like anymore. I look at my body every day, and IView full post »


On reconnecting with herself… “I just don’t feel right yet.  But I know I will someday.  Maybe not the same, but I willView full post »


On advances… “A lot of people said, ‘Why’d you do chemo?’ To me, it’s worth putting my body through it, if it meansView full post »


On being at peace with yourself… “I appreciate the little things in life more; to be more fully present everyView full post »


On encouraging others… “You’re going to kick it. You’re going to fight. There are a lot of other women that have hadView full post »

Nancy L

On coping… “I tried to never feel sorry for myself, and realize that time and prayer would heal me both physically andView full post »


On support groups… “It was the best thing I ever did. It is people who have been through, or are going through,View full post »


On fears…   “After I had the biopsy, people would say, ‘You’re okay.  You’re going to be okay.  It’s notView full post »


On determination… “The doctor asked me if I would talk to a woman that had come in for a consult withView full post »


On healing… “I followed my medical team’s instructions to the letter.  I didn’t put off looking at my incisions;View full post »

Mary Ann

On taking care of yourself… “I wasn’t one of those people who goes in like clockwork to do the self checks likeView full post »


On limiting yourself… “I know it’s tough to lose a breast. And we, as women, focus so much on our sexuality. ButView full post »


On healing… “My husband is my number one supporter. He is 100% there for me. The week of chemo he takes the wholeView full post »


On getting informed… “For some reason, the day I was diagnosed I had the best night of sleep ever. And when IView full post »


On moving on… “I do remember the month I quit taking Arimidex, I was a little afraid, because I thought,View full post »


On being diagnosed… “It was a world that was underneath my world.  My world was family, and school, andView full post »


“A friend of mine said that a breast cancer survivor is anyone who doesn’t drop dead at the diagnosis. It’s aView full post »


“I just kept going; I didn’t let it stop me.  We would go to football games.  I kept a positive attitude, and IView full post »


“I try to teach women how to reframe.  Going into it, you can see how God can open it up and give you blessings in theView full post »


“In the beginning I was scared. Now, I’m not scared. I know, of this cancer, I’m not going to die.  My aunt (Julia) isView full post »


“I went to see the specialist.  And, he didn’t speak any Spanish, and I don’t speak any English, but in his face, I sawView full post »


“It was misdiagnosed, initially…. but my unlicensed physician’s assistant, Harriet (wife), said to get myself toView full post »


“It was very shocking.  You see your life flash in front of you. And, by the grace of God, He just pulled everyoneView full post »


“Immediately, I felt such a calmness, such a peace. Cancer is not a death sentence. And, that has been my proclamationView full post »


“It was a challenge for me.  It was a big challenge. You never think it could happen to you…. My sister stuck besideView full post »


“I’ve had my kids, my mother, my friends that helped me get through it.  My girls buy me little charms for my braceletView full post »


“I guess the Lord swooped down and just put his cloak around me, as quick as He could. Honest to goodness. I may haveView full post »


“At first, I was devastated, in shock. My mind was playing tricks on me.  Like, this is not really happening toView full post »


“I felt a calm.  I had accepted it already.  I had a calm about me. I knew I was going to be alright. And, I made it. View full post »


“I’m blessed for having gone through this.  I realized that I cannot control everything. I learned how to relax. IView full post »


On staying busy with life… I’m pretty strong.  I don’t let a lot of things get me. To me, it is what you make of it. ItView full post »


On the power of positive thinking… “I got home, (after the diagnosis), and I got down on my knees, and I said, ‘ThankView full post »


On being young… “I think the hardest thing for me was….I know that young women get breast cancer all the time,View full post »


On spreading awareness… “From the day the doctor said the word ‘carcinoma’…  You know, your heart stops for aView full post »

Mary Ann

On being helped and helping… “I stayed around friends.  If people offer to help you, let ‘em help you. It helps you andView full post »


On her attitude toward strength… “I told myself, ‘I’m not going to cry.’ But I did. But I also told myself that this isView full post »


On being BRCA positive… “It didn’t really bother me – that my mom was positive for the gene – because at that point, weView full post »


On thinking about her children… “..I wasn’t scared at first, because I had had cysts, and I just thought it was goingView full post »


On loving herself a little more… “My attitude is much better now, much stronger now, because of my faith in God, myView full post »


On a lifetime of experience… “I had just spent 8 years with my daughter, and her ups and downs with her cancer.  (SheView full post »


On giving back… “I tell everyone my faith is what got me through this.  I had been praying for years for aView full post »


On forging ahead… “There are so many different paths and everyone’s breast cancer is so different.  You can read onlineView full post »


On having young children and cancer… “My mom was so helpful to me in this whole process. My mother had gone throughView full post »


On strength and character… “It’s about how you eat an elephant.  One bite at a time. You know, you hear that your wholeView full post »


On channeling the energy of the fight… “I have a family history. It was always ‘out there,’ like I was waiting for theView full post »

Emily, Robin & Sarah

Emily: “I had just had a baby.  When I was pregnant, my sister Robin kept saying we should get mammograms, and I wasView full post »


On caregiving… “I know it’s this horrid club that we don’t want to belong to… but these women just come in and theyView full post »


On finding peace… “I never ever thought in my life that I would be able to do this. Because I was always afraid, of myView full post »


On the lessons of caregiving… “I have helped a lot of girls. I have talked to a lot of strangers – a waitress in aView full post »


On taking something scary and making it something funny… “The doctors told me to get my papers in order. They said itView full post »


On mapping the road…   “Not everybody is as ‘get it done, get it done, get it done’ as I was. My mother had beenView full post »

Mary Lou

On determination… “When I grew up, you didn’t hear the word ‘cancer.’ People got ‘the Big C’ and then you went toView full post »


On the friendship of women…   “I think I have found more joy in the simple things, the tiny simple things we doView full post »


On opening up…   “I think I’ve always been, if anything needs to be done, a ‘do it yourself’ kind of person. IView full post »

Lisa Smith

On taking care of your whole self… “My whole focus was ‘I am going to beat this.’ I know what the odds are….and I justView full post »


On how quickly life changed… “I didn’t get time to prepare. I laugh, because, you know, I bought my house and I hadView full post »

Lisa Smith

On walking her way forward… “The 3Day was a big thing for me. It was an emotional thing for me. I don’t know; it’s hardView full post »


On strength… “I don’t know if I have a lot of strengths, but I think which ones I have became more evident.  I’veView full post »


On finding herself… “I was raised in Lancaster. It was a simple life.  It was a real simple life. Then, I graduated andView full post »


On sharing… “One co-worker that I didn’t know well, her hair was extremely short and you could tell that she hadView full post »


On sharing… “I dreaded this, really.  I never talked about my cancer to anybody, really, as far as meView full post »


On finding a purpose… “This is a lot bigger than me. I’m going to be able to help people and make aView full post »


On taking charge… “When we grew up in the 50s and 60s, I think we expected the doctor was the one in charge, andView full post »


On keeping a sense of humor… “I laughed – a lot. I decided that a completely inappropriate sense ofView full post »


On how she’s changed… “I had always struggled with what to do with people, what to say to people. I’m notView full post »


On life after cancer… “I feel good all the time. Better than I’ve felt my entire adult life. I don’t know howView full post »


On looking inside… “What I have discovered……that all of this has made me really discover who IView full post »

Nancy C

On looking back… “I would go to more support groups.  I think I would like to have experienced more of theView full post »


On her children… “Our oldest son, in college, was going through exams. At that time, I really didn’t want him toView full post »


On advice… “Take every bit of help that’s offered to you, because it does come full circle. You don’t want toView full post »


On caring for herself… “Everything that you could do, that was available, I did. I did massage once a month withView full post »

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